Tsongkha (Huangzong), Qinghai Province

Tsongkha (Huangzong), Qinghai Province


Ancient Route between Tang and Bo

Ancient Route between Tang and Bo

A new semester is about to start, and I just realized this blog has been idle for a while.

Going to write about my 2012 trip to Qinghai (Amdo).

Happy Wesak or Saka Dawa!! (II)

Happy Wesak or Saka Dawa!! (II)

Thrangu Monastery; a Tibetan-Chinese Kagyu Monastery. They teach in Tibetan, English, and Chinese. It is great to see such harmony because of the Buddha’s teaching.

They were giving preliminary teaching to prepare students for higher practices. So a volunteer led my aunt and I to sit at the back.

Their preliminary teachings are very similar to the Lamrim (Stages of the Path); Relaying of the Lama, Precious Human Life, Rememberance of Death, Understanding of Good/bad actions and so on…

Happy Wesak or Saka Sawa! (I)

Happy Wesak or Saka Sawa!

Chinese Monastery in Richmond, BC. In Chinese the name is 观音寺 but it took a simple name in English “Buddhist Temple”. There is a magnificent Thousand-arm Avalokiteshvara facing all eight directions. The monastery is fairly large with a lay out similar to a traditional Chinese garden.